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…”Many years the “Spiral Escalator” was considered a myth in London.”…

In a former article, I described the benefits and mechanics of the escalator. KineticArchitecture.Net will try to cover all the possible alternatives or further developments of any moving walkways. The application of a pioneering technology can widen the passengers perspective and add new contours to the surrounding area. This spiral escalator enables to follow not a linear but a smooth curving path to his destination. So imagine graceful arcs flowing through urban space. Spiral escalators is just one example of how Kinetic Architecture can develop more creative urban environments.

“Many years the “Spiral Escalator” was considered a myth in London.”

Many years the “Spiral Escalator” was considered a myth in London. 1906, The London’s Underground installed a rare spiral escalator designed by Reno, William Henry Aston and Scott Kietzman for the Holloway Road Underground station in 1906; it was run for a short time but was taken out of service the same day it debuted. Many years the only evidence were the blueprints by engineer Seeberger, who worked during this for Otis [3] But in 1988 they found the exact location, everything left can now be seen in the Underground Museum of London.
The failure of the spiral staircase did discourage engineers until Mitsubishi developed and marketed a practical Spiral Escalator in the late 1980s. Now you can find them already all over the world. auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

3 London’s Transport Museum Photographic Collection, same as reference #21 above. See also Orton, Ray. Moving People from Street to Platform: 100 Years Underground, Mobile, AL: Elevator World, Inc. 22-26, 2000.


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