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…Reader’s letter regarding the outlets of the dynamic tower of David Fisher….

Till now I have received already several solutions regarding the outlets of the dynamic tower of David Fisher.
Just the idea that the first kinetic skyscraper will be built in Dubai soon, was a hot topic all around the world. David Fisher is the planning architect, but admitted at a press conference that they haven’t found a solution regarding the outlets yet. Here at KineticArchitecture.Net Mr. Sean Hibblen send my his idea, which turned out to be actual solution of the engineers. See here his mail:

“If the center of the Dynamic Building is not moving, why don’t you simply make outlets that connect to the rooms as they pass by, or stop.
This would only force the building to stop from time to time. Especially if each floor had a tank to hold the waste and water for a period of time. When it got low, or full, the floor would stop, connect, and exchange the fluids before moving on again.

Would that solve the problem?
Here is a simple diagram to explain what I mean…

reader’s letter by Sean Hibblen

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